Robin Hood in the woods @ The Cut, Shrewsbury

22 August 2018, 10:30 - 12:00 (Add to calendar)

Robin Hood in the woods

Bringing the popular folklore to life, come with us on an adventure through the woods on your horse, with your bow and arrow at the ready!

You will become a band of merry children, creating your own hobby horse and very own bow and arrow. As we ride around the woods on a scavenger hunt of fun, you will learn how to build dens and camouflage them. Create a natural obstacle course to train our ‘horses’ and have a bow and arrow competition to see who can prove they are worthy of the title of Shropshire’s very own Robin hood!


What if my child is under 6 or I have children of different ages?

This event is appropriate for children aged 6 – 11 years however we run our 0 -5 years Wildlings sessions at the same time and in the same location.

Registration Type

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ages 6-11

Price £5.00 Fees £0.50 Quantity